A art project executed in a Stockholm (Sweden) suburb named Fittja 1 april, 2010. The project is investigating peoples reactions to absurd limitations in their everyday urban space. The sign next to the tape explains the need of walls to be built to minimize social interaction in the area. The reason claimed is that social interaction leads to violence. The Tape and signs was put up during the night at 30 places in the suburb. The project was carryd out by Victor Marx and Caper as a part of the artcolaboration Vertical Exile. Additional, more professional, film clips will be added later on.

The art work:
The artwork does not try to provoke people who approach the tape to act in a specific way. Nor does it judge different reactions. It is not there to trouble the inhabitants. It is not meant to answer any questions and tell people the truth.

The art work is meant to stress questions of a growing control and surveillance in the society by adding a new fictive limitation in to peoples normal lives disturbing ther habits. The tape and the sign is not, in i self, real obstacles, they are easily crossed. But they lean on a authority, built up trough claiming that the intervention is based on a decision by a non-named bureaucracy, and a demand on obedience.

So how do people react, facing this new limitation. Do people obey the authority and choose other longer routes, do they rip the tape down, do they read on the sign or do they just ignore the limitation, do people react differently if somebody else is watching them? What does this different reaction stand for?

How would you act?

Skylt informerar boände om att en fiktiv mur ska byggas, del av konstprojektet A wall of Botkyrka

Avspärrningsband spändes upp för att märka ut platser där en fiktiv mur ska placeras, del av videokonstverket The wall of Botkyrka

Skylten till konstverket som satt vid platserna där den fiktiva muren skulle uppföras

Uppmonteringen av avspärningar som del av filmkonstverk i Botkyrka

Avspärrningsband i trappa vid förberedelser för videokonstverket The wall of Botkyrka

Vertical Exiles logga